Mission, Vision, & Values

Reducing food waste and hunger in the greater Twin Cities area by being a link between those willing to help and those in need.

All “food shelves” have produce available, and all retailers/grocers minimize food waste across their organizations.

Core Values


Health: We believe everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, including access to affordable and nutrient rich food. 

Equity: We value all people. We strive to create conditions where people from all walks of life have consistent ability to access healthy foods.

Sustainability: We strive to create a collaborative community that creates and maintains environmental and economic health, encourages the participation of its citizens, and promotes social equity. 

Community Education: We are committed to educating ourselves, our partners, and our communities about the issues of food waste and hunger. We are a location-specific group, and work to form relationships with our neighbors based in respect and the pursuit of a common goal.