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Picture1.pngFounded on November 2nd, 2015, and incorporated on March 17th, 2016,  Twin Cities Food Justice (TCFJ) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization that rescues “ugly” and ripe produce and other grocery products that have been pulled off of grocery stores shelves, before it is thrown in the garbage. We deliver these products to populations that have barriers to accessing healthy and fresh food, e.g. homeless shelters, community centers, and food shelves.

With the help of our fabulous and dedicated volunteers, we collect, sort, and transport food donations each week, and with minimal interference to the daily operations of grocery stores and food recipient organizations.

TCFJ was founded in November of 2015 as a University of Minnesota Student Group (now called Food Justice UMN) by five public health professionals while they were in graduate school for their Master of Public Health degrees at the University of Minnesota: Eva Weingartl, Sam Carlson, Mike Kosiak, Hannah Volkman, and Kelzee Tibbetts.  IMG_0020Their health education inspired them to become active in the community, and their common interest of helping others and the planet led to the development TC Food Justice. They felt that the combined rates of hunger and food waste in the Twin Cities was unacceptable, and as a group, they hoped to find solutions to both issues.

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